RADTONICS Acquires Code Adder

Stockholm, 9 May 2022 – RADTONICS, the challenger in the corporate network and edge computing market delivering secure and robust 5G private wireless networks for businesses, has announced that it has acquired Code Adder.

The acquisition of the company and the addition of its founders, telecom entrepreneurs Håkan Saltin and Dan Lawesson, to the RADTONICS team, is a significant strategic move for the company that aims to take a substantial stake in the 10 billion Euro valued 5G private wireless market.

“I’m very excited to announce this acquisition, which complements RADTONICS’ offering excellently. Code Adders technology, along with its founders Håkan and Dan, will be instrumental in building the leading global platform for the fast-growing 5G private wireless networks”, says Patric Lind, CEO of RADTONICS.

Code Adder is the technology provider of the Adder platform, a modular, extensible platform for telecom services that will now be integrated into RADTONICS’ 5G private wireless offer. The platform allows for excellent scalability and availability and powerful support for extensive monitoring, compatibility with modern means of deployment, continuous integration, and development for 5G for business.

Håkan Saltin, a well-known entrepreneur in the Swedish telecom community, who has previously successfully founded and built CLX Communications (now Sinch) and Symsoft, will assume the CTO role at RADTONICS.

Håkan will bring unique experience in building scalable telecom platforms and enable RADTONICS to become a global market leader in the 5G for the business market. With a PhD in Computer Science, Dan Lawesson has a background in various leading software development and architect roles primarily in telecom and telematics and will assume the role of VP of Engineering at RADTONICS.

“RADTONICS has an excellent opportunity to become the leading global provider of 5G private wireless networks, and I am very excited to be a part of this journey. Having extensive experience in the telecom industry, I can conclude that there is a huge opportunity to challenge the norm and establish new business models that meet the demands of the next million networks“, says Håkan Saltin.

The Private Wireless market is now taking off due to the trend of deregulation of 5G frequencies globally, where potentially millions of private wireless networks will be built. With its focus on automation and ease of use and its agile go-to-market and product offering, RADTONICS aims to become a challenger on the market that today is driven by global telecom giants such as Ericsson and Nokia.

Picture: Patric Lind (left) and Håkan Saltin (right)

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