5G & Edge Cloud Combined

private wireless made easy

Secure and Powerful Private Wireless Network

Maximum Productivity with new Services

Outcome based and cost efficient solutions

*Enabled by the trend of deregulating frequencies for Private Radio e.g. CBRS


Selecting the “right” Technology...

  • …hard to know what is the “right” choice since best practices are always changing and evolving

Radio network not reliable

  • Predictable low Latency
  • Coverage of Radio network

Core Business innovation limited…

Everything is not connected and online

Digital transformation too slow

  • …by internal focus on technology challenges

Our Approach

End-to-end 4G & 5G Network Solution adapted for your need

Sleep Well at Night 24/7/365 Secure Operation

Cost & Performance benefits from latest technologies (3GPP & Edge)

Certified Application and Device Catalogue per Industry segment


Outcome based

Solutions that work through our expertise


Ensure that the connectivity solution meets ever increasing performance requirements.

Control & Visibility

Ensure control over the connectivity solution, services and users

Easy to use

Easy daily operation focused on hiding the complexity

data & Network Security

Improve security for organization data, users and devices operating via the connectivity solution

Enabling Apps & IoT

Video surveillance, real-time control, mission-critical push-to-talk

Industry Partners