Fiskarheden host “Future Industry in Focus” event

During two inspiring days, Fiskarheden have arranged a workshop featuring the focus on future industries, and invited partners from the industrial sector. The event focused on discussions and thoughts from their implementation of 5G technology provided by Radtonics, and the integration of IT/OT (Operational Technology) within industrial IT.

The participants, including experts and representatives from leading companies and institutions such as Scania Group, Åkerströms, Sandvik, Tele2, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), RISE, VirtuGrp and RADTONICS, shared their insights.

Discussions covered a wide range of topics, from autonomous vehicles and industrial machinery to client computing capabilities, with a particular focus on security features and the potential of 5G as a central carrier.

Part of the conversation was devoted to the increasing importance of data in industry and how this can be used to optimize processes and future-proof the use of AI models for analytical purposes. It was also discussed how requirements can be placed on subcontractors to ensure that the systems and machines of the future can support the requested information and functionality.

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