RADTONICS joins Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA)

RADTONICS has had its membership accepted by Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA). The Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) is a non-profit organisation formed to represent the Pacific Islands in the field of telecommunication.

Mobile technology will play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the Pacific Islands by giving the population access to services such as e-government, health, and education. Mobile technology will also act as a catalyst for innovation and economic growth.

“There is growing support for innovation across the region, with the emergence of new tech hubs and a developing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and businesses all keen to experience the improved connectivity across the islands of the Pacific,” says Kevin Biles, Principal Telecommunications Consultant at RADTONICS.

Operators are investing to improve LTE network coverage and speeds. 4G connections are set to account for more than half of total connections by 2023, doubling the figure from the end of 2018.

About PITA

PITA brings together stakeholders from government, industry, development organizations and other organizations to share the developments and raise awareness on technology, standards, network planning and security related to advanced mobile technologies within the Pacific Islands Region. http://www.pita.org.fj/

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